Experience the pinnacle of artistic extravagance at the Inaugural Excess Film Fest, celebrating the transformative power of unapologetic excess. Indulge in a cinematic journey like no other, where creativity knows no limits and the pursuit of greatness knows no bounds.

About Us

Welcome to the inaugural Excess Film Festival, where storytelling knows no boundaries and cinematic exploration takes center stage. Immerse yourself in a world where excess extends beyond the physical, pushing the boundaries of what is possible through audacious storytelling and bold ideas.

As we journey through the realms of excess, we recognize its dual nature. It can be a catalyst for transformation and the redefinition of artistic boundaries, but also carry potential pitfalls and consequences. Our festival encourages meaningful dialogue, fostering introspection to contemplate the broader implications of excess in our lives and society as a whole.

Submit your short film, TV pilot, or feature film for a chance to have your work showcased during this unforgettable event. Join us in celebrating the audacity of storytelling, the boundless realms of imagination, and the transformative power of excess. Visit our submissions page to learn more and stay tuned for the official opening of submissions. Be part of the Excess Film Festival, where creativity reigns and storytelling knows no limits.

Don't have the funds to sponsor? We are a small organization so any amount helps. Feel free to donate using the button below!

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